Chevrolet Engine Performance Parts:

There is no shortage of performance engine options for the Chevy small block in the 1982 to 1992 Camaro

After Market Performance Part Manufacturers:

AirFlow Research Chevy racing heads for the small block, big block and LS series engines.

Oil Systems:

  • FilterMag: Magnet which attaches to outside of oil filter
    13260 W. Foxfire Dr. #7, Surprise AZ 85374 (623)556-4201
  • Magnetic drain plugs
  • Oil Coolers:

Oil and Lubricants:

Spark Plug Manufacturers:

Performance Computer Chips:

Super Charger Manufacturers:

Turbo Charger Manufacturers:

Nitrous Oxide:

  • NOS: Nitrous Oxide Systems Inc. - for carburated, EFI, turbo and super charged. Single and two stage. Visible and cheater systems. Kits and components.
    2970 Airway, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714)545-0580
  • NX: Nitrous Express
    4923 Lake Park Dr., Wichita Falls, TX 76302 (940)767-9694
  • BG: Nitrous Works
  • Top Gun Nitrous Oxide Systems - Kits and components
    5111 Troup Highway, Tyler TX 75707 (903)581-4878 (800)466-7667
NX: Nitrous Express
NX Nitrous kit for the Chevy LSX series motors. Red rails supply fuel, black rails supply nitrous. Typical installation would include the two stage nitrous system at the throttle body inlet or the rails and port injected fuel and nitrous but not both.
Nitrous Express Nitrous Express


Intake CARB/EFI sizing: CFM

CID2500 rpm3000 rpm3500 rpm4000 rpm4500 rpm5000 rpm5500 rpm6000 rpm6500 rpm

Carburetor CFM required = (CID x max RPM) / 3456


TPI: Tuned Port Injection

TPI was introduced by GM in 1985 for the Third Generation Camaro.

Aftermarket TPI systems:

EFI (Basic Electronic Fuel Injection) and Throttle Bodies: These systems typically use carberator like bodies with electronic fuel injection.

Performance Design Carbon fiber intake for an LS series motor
Performance Design Carbon XR: carbon fiber cross ram, dual plenum, dual throttle intake manifold (Chevy LS3/LS7 series engine). Available in 75mm and 90mm throttles.
Carbon fiber valve covers and other intake options available.

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