Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities: offers unique opportunities and benefits for advertising and sponsorships in the automotive industry. Chevy enthusiasts make up a large portion of the home garage mechanic and enthusiast population especially in the USA. The web site is targeted to the Chevy Camaro owners, performance enthusiasts, racers and hobbyist. Our site caters to auto enthusiasts who are respected for their automotive opinions and either make or are consulted on automotive purchasing decisions.

Advertisers can be represented on our site through: Please supply the image (GIF, PNG or JPEG) and a URL for the click-through destination. Advertisements will be hyperlinked (with the rel="nofollow" attribute) to your home page or a targeted URL.

Note, we do not offer sponsored text links due to Google page rank penalties. We do not allow our site to be used as an SEO spam platform so requests to post SEO style articles or text links are all refused.

Advertisements can be targeted to automotive subjects on single web pages which target an even more specific audience. Your involvement does not end with sending us a check. We are committed to long term relationships to a targeted market so you can maximize your return.

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