Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Richmond 6 Speed Manual Racing Transmission Swap For Third Gen Camaro:

The following shows the installation of a Richmond 6 speed manual transmission in a third generation (1982-1992) Chevy Camaro.

Also see the transmissions, clutches and converters information.

Richmond Gear
P.O.Box 238
Old Norris Road
Liberty, SC 29657

Part #: 8260001

Richmond 6 speed (Weight: 120 lbs.)

Installation note: The transmission tunnel did NOT have enough room to clear the speedo angle unit. To increase room I had a "bubble" fabricated to increase clearance.

Speedometer 90 degree drive: The original unit was way too long, thus a shorter GM adapter unit (GM Part#: 1565215) had to be used.

Cross Member Notes: The Richmond 6 speed Camaro installation kit is for '83-'92 Camaros which originally had the T-5. My '82 originally had a BW T-10 4 speed. In '82 the transmission cross members were different than the '83-'92 models.

Cross member included with the Richmond Camaro kit.Custom fabricated cross member for my installation. ('82)

The 1982-1992 Camaro was available with two manual transmission options. The 1982 Camaro manual transmission had a T-10 4sp. The 1983 to 1992 Camaros were available with a T-5 5sp.

This Richmond 6sp replaced a T-10 (1982 Camaro unit) which has a different spline count on the transmission output shaft. The Richmond 6sp has a 32 spline output so the drive shaft yoke must be changed to accommodate. Use a Richmond Yoke SY-1310. A 3" long driveshaft yoke hub will leave 3/4" to 1" space between the hub shoulder and tail housing. The hub outside diameter (OD) is 1.885/1.886".

The Richmond 6ps transmission input spline is a 26 spline shaft. A 10 spline shaft is available but due to the deeper cuts of the 10 spline shaft, the 10 spline shaft is not as strong.

The Richmond 6sp is designed as a drop in replacement for the T-5 (1983 to 1992 Camaros) Thus the driveshaft length required is that designed for the T-5 regardless of your previous transmission. The Richmond 6sp also installs rotated using the bell housing mounting pattern of the T-5. The Shifter will fit in the stock T-5 opening but the opening will have to be enlarged for the 1982 T-10 opening.

The torque arm must also be the T-5 unit which is shorter than that offered for the T-10.

The Richmond 6sp uses the stock GM reverse switch connector.

Energy Suspension

Part #: 3-1108G GM Transmission Mount

Part #:15015

Note: Picture on the right shows dowel locating collar which must be welded to the scatter shield after a tedious alignment which requires specialized tools. This required the Bellhousing Locating Kit #15981 (Dowel and collar/bushing). Bolt to mount centering tool to crank: 7/16 dia, 24 thread/in, 3" length.

Transmission mounts in T-5 bolt pattern on the bellhousing using 7/16" 14 thread/in bolts.

Lakewood scatter shield and plate (Weight: 36.85 lbs.)

Bellhousing index measurement tool - Precision Measurement Supply: bellhousing indexing tool

Simpson Crew Uniform, Inc.
2415 Amsler St.
Torrance, CA 90505
Part #: 99853
NASCAR Nomex Shifter boot cover
Base: 8 1/4" x base: 9 1/2" x 12"

I used a GM aluminum drive shaft weighing in at 12.1 lbs. It's length matches that used with a GM T-5 unit and is compatible with the Richmond 6 spd.

PartWeight (lbs)
Richmond 6ps 120.0
Lakewood scattershield/plate 36.85
GM Clutch fork 1.25
GM Torque Arm 12.4
Center Force: Pressure plate 17.45
Center Force: Clutch plate 4.35
Custom cross member 3.15
GM Panhard Rod 5.4
GM Rear Spring 8.25
GM Rear Spring Spacer 0.9


  • Richmond Gear: Overdrive 5 and 6 sp (above). Bought Borg Warner T-10 4sp line.
  • CenterForce Clutches - steel and light billet aluminum clutches, flywheels (billet steel and aluminum). Diaphragm style. Uses centrifugal assisted clutch system of ring of weights to apply extra force as RPM's increase. Claims up to 30% (Centerforce I) and 60% (Centerforce II) more hold power. Dual friction clutch plates for high torque and horsepower engines.
    2266 Crosswind Drive, Prescott Arizona 86301 (520)771-8422

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