Richmond 6 Speed Manual Racing Transmission Swap For Third Gen Camaro:

The following shows the installation of a Richmond 6 speed manual transmission in a third generation (1982-1992) Chevy Camaro.

Also see the transmissions, clutches and converters information.

Richmond Gear
P.O.Box 238
Old Norris Road
Liberty, SC 29657

Part #: 8260001

Richmond 6 speed (Weight: 120 lbs.)

Installation note: The transmission tunnel did NOT have enough room to clear the speedo angle unit. To increase room I had a "bubble" fabricated to increase clearance.

Speedometer 90 degree drive: The original unit was way too long, thus a shorter GM adapter unit (GM Part#: 1565215) had to be used.

Cross Member Notes: The Richmond 6 speed Camaro installation kit is for '83-'92 Camaros which originally had the T-5. My '82 originally had a BW T-10 4 speed. In '82 the transmission cross members were different than the '83-'92 models.

Cross member included with the Richmond Camaro kit.Custom fabricated cross member for my installation. ('82)

The 1982-1992 Camaro was available with two manual transmission options. The 1982 Camaro manual transmission had a T-10 4sp. The 1983 to 1992 Camaros were available with a T-5 5sp.

This Richmond 6sp replaced a T-10 (1982 Camaro unit) which has a different spline count on the transmission output shaft. The Richmond 6sp has a 32 spline output so the drive shaft yoke must be changed to accommodate. Use a Richmond Yoke SY-1310. A 3" long driveshaft yoke hub will leave 3/4" to 1" space between the hub shoulder and tail housing. The hub outside diameter (OD) is 1.885/1.886".

The Richmond 6ps transmission input spline is a 26 spline shaft. A 10 spline shaft is available but due to the deeper cuts of the 10 spline shaft, the 10 spline shaft is not as strong.

The Richmond 6sp is designed as a drop in replacement for the T-5 (1983 to 1992 Camaros) Thus the driveshaft length required is that designed for the T-5 regardless of your previous transmission. The Richmond 6sp also installs rotated using the bell housing mounting pattern of the T-5. The Shifter will fit in the stock T-5 opening but the opening will have to be enlarged for the 1982 T-10 opening.

The torque arm must also be the T-5 unit which is shorter than that offered for the T-10.

The Richmond 6sp uses the stock GM reverse switch connector.

Energy Suspension

Part #: 3-1108G GM Transmission Mount

Part #:15015

Note: Picture on the right shows dowel locating collar which must be welded to the scatter shield after a tedious alignment which requires specialized tools. This required the Bellhousing Locating Kit #15981 (Dowel and collar/bushing). Bolt to mount centering tool to crank: 7/16 dia, 24 thread/in, 3" length.

Transmission mounts in T-5 bolt pattern on the bellhousing using 7/16" 14 thread/in bolts.

Lakewood scatter shield and plate (Weight: 36.85 lbs.)

Bellhousing index measurement tool - Precision Measurement Supply: bellhousing indexing tool

Simpson Crew Uniform, Inc.
2415 Amsler St.
Torrance, CA 90505
Part #: 99853
NASCAR Nomex Shifter boot cover
Base: 8 1/4" x base: 9 1/2" x 12"

I used a GM aluminum drive shaft weighing in at 12.1 lbs. It's length matches that used with a GM T-5 unit and is compatible with the Richmond 6 spd.

PartWeight (lbs)
Richmond 6ps 120.0
Lakewood scattershield/plate 36.85
GM Clutch fork 1.25
GM Torque Arm 12.4
Center Force: Pressure plate 17.45
Center Force: Clutch plate 4.35
Custom cross member 3.15
GM Panhard Rod 5.4
GM Rear Spring 8.25
GM Rear Spring Spacer 0.9


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