Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Suspension Performance Tuning and Corner Weights:

The street, track and oval racers will all want to adjust their corner weights for best balance of traction and handling. Scales are used to measure the weight supported by each wheel, also known as the corner weights.

Corner Weight Measurement:

Auto racing scales
Auto racing scales with car measuring corner weights
Racing scale to measure weight at each wheel.
Auto racing scales display
Display of corner and total weights.

Racing scales such as those shown here, are used to measure the static weight of a level vehicle at each wheel. This measures the fore-aft weight balance, the left-right weight balance and the diagonal "corner weights".

Fore-Aft: It would seem that a fore-aft (front-rear) weight balance of 50 percent for each would insure a vehicle balance which is equally advantageous for both acceleration and braking. You must also account for ride height, center of gravity and spring rates which affect how much the static loading will change when braking or accelerating. The engine location dictated by the vehicle design will have a profound impact on this percentatge.

Left-Right: If the left-right balance is not even, the car will have the ability to turn in one direction better than the other. Thus road racers prefer a 50 percent weight measured for each the left and right side of the vehicle.

Diagonal corner weights: The corner weights are an important factor in balanced turning. To increase the weight that one wheel applies to the road, shims can be placed under the coil spring to "load" that particular wheel. Racing cars with completely adjustable suspensions can "jack" the adjustment to pre-load the spring more or less thus decreasing or increasing the corner weight. Corner weights will affect the vehicle understeer and oversteer in a turn of a particular direction.

Intercomp wired and wireless automotive scale system

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