Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Camaro Custom Interiors:

The stock plastic interior of our Third Gen project Camaro had degraded due to sun exposure. The plastic textured surface had crumbled. This crumbling surface was scraped off and a thin flexible grey ("Yorktown Slate Grey") automotive vinyl (JNJ 2113) was laminated with contact cement (Lockweld 801) for a quality, elegant, better than original result. Ozite Foss AM7 (Medium Grey) was applied to get the "carpet" trim look.

The rear arm rests are highly contoured but could be covered by a highly stretchable fabric currently popular among custom rodders. (Douglas Fabrics Co.) A vellour on the upper door panels (spotted grey ABC 893 #BC303) with Ozite on the lower part of the panel was enough to refinish the door panels. The headliner was an '85 (829) grey.

New molded carpet is available from numerous sources to match the interior. Somehow it all matched.

Mr. Gasket

Part #: 6279
Rear battery installation.

The battery box and a long cable are used to relocate the battery to the rear to help weight balance the car and improve corner weights. The preferred battery location is in the rear to counter the nose heavy engine and on the passenger side to counter the weight of the driver. For more on measuring corner weights see suspension and corner weights.
Mr Gasket: Accel Battery Cable kit. Part #: 2842

Stock 85 mph/140 kmph Third Gen 1982 Camaro unit on left and on the right, the GM performance 140 mph Camaro speedometer.

GM Performance Unit:
  • '82 GM part #: 25052189
  • '86-'89 GM part #: 25084346

Also see: Electric speedometer installation

Auto Custom Carpets
P.O.Box 1167
316 J Street
Anniston AL 36202
Dove Grey
Douglas Fabrics Co.

Sherpa Grey Mix #522
This is a very formable and stretchable woven fabric which is popular in the custom hotrod show car circuit. The original plastic was highly oxidized and flaking. The speaker grilles were covered in the same fabric. A light coating of contact cement attached the fabric.

Ozite Foss AM7 (Medium Grey) used on panels and as rear carpet:
"Yorktown Slate Grey" automotive vinyl (JNJ 2113) laminated with contact cement (Lockweld 801):
Front armrest:
Third Gen Armrest was recovered in leather using a "French stitch"
Ceiling lighting concept:
Hex pattern

Manufacturer Links:

Dash Instrumentation:

Dakota Digital: Digital dash upgrades Dakota Camaro Dash
Gen 2 Camaro dash upgrade shown. Gen I, II and III upgrades available

Performance Seats:

Alea Leather Specialties Inc: Elegant and custom leather seats and interiors
New Hudson MI

Alea Leather Specialties Inc Camaro Seats
Gen 5 Camaro convertible pictured here.

OEM seats

Tai Tsun Co., Ltd

Sport and racing seats

Moncalieri Italy
Italian OEM, Sport and racing seats

TMI: First gen Camaro reproduction seats and interiors TMI Camaro Seats
First Gen Camaro seats

TMI Camaro Seats
First Gen Camaro interior panels

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