Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Camaro Differentials and Driveline:

Installations, information and links to differential and driveline components.

Rear diff and suspension geometry:

Gen 1:solid axleLeaf spring
Gen 2:solid axleLeaf spring
Gen 3:solid axlecoil spring
Gen 4:solid axlecoil spring
Gen 5:independent axlecoil spring

The "Third Generation Camaros" require mount points on the differential for the torque arm, trailing arm links, spring pads, panhard rod and shocks. Many aftermarket options exist with all of the appropriate mount points.

The most common GM unit for the 1982 to 1992 Camaro is the Saginaw style 10 bolt Chevy differential.

  • 1982 to 1984: 7.5 inch ring gear, 26 spline axle
  • 1985 to 1989: 7.625 inch ring gear, 26 spline axle
  • 1990 to 1992: 7.625 inch ring gear, 28 spline axle
    PN 26010268 (drum brakes)
    PN 26028692 (disk brakes)

The "Third Generation Camaros" were available with both rear drum brakes and rear disk brakes. The hand brake is slightly different for each. The throw (distance of pull) is greater for the disk brake. This was achieved by utilizing a different hole position where the end of the cable connects.

Any change from a drum brake system to a disk brake system will require a change to a disk brake based master cylinder and proportioning valve as well as the aforementioned handbrake lever.

Dana Automotive
P.O.Box 1000
Toledo Ohio 43697

GM Performance Parts Catalog # 14044853:

Also requires GM part #:
  • 18014954 Disk Caliper (2)
  • 14065768 Hand brake lever
  • 10046472 lever
  • 17980326 Hose
  • 14073080 Cable RH
  • 14077717 Cable LH
  • 18014287 Master Cylinder
  • 25517739 Proportioning valve
  • 17980325 Brake Hose
  • 17980428 Hose
  • 10036870 Bracket
  • 25527167 Retainer

Third Generation Camaro differential swap:

Dana 44, Stainless cover and Herb Adams rear sway bar.

Dana 44 Axle assemblies (GM part numbers):
  • 3.31 ratio: GM# 14044853
  • 3.92 ratio: GM# 14044854
  • 4.09 ratio: GM# 14044855
Dana Spicer 5-436x and 2-94-28x U joint kit included.
Ford 9 inch

Moser 9 inch
(Gen 3 and 4)

Ford 9 inch swap into a Third Generation Chevy Camaro:
Kits available to bolt right in with spring pads, torque arm mount as well as control arms and panhard rod.

Third gen rear Ford 9" diff IRS kits.

Heits third gen front and read independent suspension kits

Heits third gen front and read independent suspension kits
Third Gen '82-'92 F-Body IRS rear differential kit. Rear kit is bolt and weld-in IRS with a 65" standard width and 63" narrowed track width available. Also available in standard and high (800) horsepower configurations. Uses a custom Ford 9" differential. Unit shown is for a third gen Camaro. Units available for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gen Camaros.

Heidts Third gen rear Ford 9" diff IRS kit
Gen 5 Camaro: 9 inch independent rear differential
Gen 5 Camaro 9 inch rear diff
This unit handles larger gears and thus has capacity to support more horsepower and torque than the stock unit.

Dual Traction Positrac Units:


Cut-away of an Eaton posi-trac rear differential unit showing spring loaded carbon disc clutches. Eaton posi limited slip differential
Eaton also has the "Detroit Truetrac Differential" using helical gears.
Torsen Torsen differential
Cut-away view shows how Torsen uses worm gears to transfer power rather than clutch plates or nested cones
Yukon Gear and Axle

Differential Covers:

Custom cast differential covers

Drive Shafts:

Carbon fiber driveshafts

Carbon fiber driveshafts good to 1500 hp

Driveline Components:

Yokes and driveshaft components

Yokes, flanges, shafts

Full Floating Axle Conversion:

Performance brakes manufacturer Baer supplies a full floating axle "Baer Tracker" conversion kit for Ford 9" and Dana 10"/12" units to provide superior capability to handle lateral forces. Traditional flanged axle designs employ a single axle bearing to support both the weight of the vehicle and lateral forces. During cornering, the flange is levered by lateral forces causing deflection and bending. This often causes the brake rotor to press against the brake pad and a return push of brake fluid.

A full floating axle conversion allows the axle to only provide drive power to the wheels. The support of the vehicle weight and lateral forces are handled by the "Baer Tracker" conversion unit's strudy steel spindle unit. It will improve longevity of the bearings and improve braking predictability.

Also see our brakes page for more info.

Torque Arm:

The third gen Camaro uses a torque arm to position, stabilize and control differential twist under acceleration and braking. This arm is attached at one end to the differential housing by two large bolts and at the front-end to a mount on the trasnmission tail housing. The front-end mount is a metal mount which clamps upon a rubber bushing which encapsulates the torque arm. There are three styles for the third gen. Energy Suspension sells a durable polyurethane replacement:

  • 1982-1983: 3.1110
  • 1984-1992: 3.1111 (lips facing away from driveshaft)
  • 1984-1992: 3.1112 (lips facing towards driveshaft)
Given that the OEM rubber bushing dissolved from the transmission oil and heat, the polyurethane bushing seemed like a worthy upgrade. It is noeworthy that this bushing required trimming to make it fit the GM torque arm.

Shown mounted to a Richmond 6 speed transmission using an OEM GM torque arm mount on a 1982 Camaro.

Energy Suspension: 1131 Via Callejon, San Clemente CA 92673


Yukon 12 bolt positraction

And of course don't forget to fill the differential with gear oil. Shown here are two viscosities of Liqui Moly synthetic gear oil.

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