Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Automotive Tools:

The right tools for the job help make the outcome successful, easier and maybe even fun! Consider some of these handy items.


Walled Lake, MI
Shop vehicle lift
Pit Boss: Shop vehicle lift
Wedge Clamp Systems:
Richmond BC Canada

EZELift: compact hoist (34.5 in x 38 in x 4.5 in height).
Raised height: 36 in
Capacity: 6000 lbs
Drive: Electric/hydraulic
Power: 110v (or 220v) 1 hp
Time to max height: 45 sec
Weight: 1050 lbs

Shop vehicle lift
Shop vehicle lift
Dannmar Equipment:
Moorpark, California
Dannmar shop vehicle lift
Shop vehicle lift


Auto Twirler:
Gosport, IN
automotive paint stands
automotive paint stands
Autobody repair and paint stand
FK Teknik:
automotive paint stands
Flexible "SY-Flex" automotive paint stands

Brake Tools:

Only the latest and most popular stock vehicles have pre-manufactured brake lines which are sold to fit. The rest of us who have older vehicles or who customize them will require brake line cutters and flaring tools. Note that the double flare is the only flare to use if you don't want the joint to leak.

Knoxville TN
Brake line flaring tool
Brake line flaring tool (single and double flares)

Brake hose manufacturing system
Brake hose manufacturing system (rubber and stainless hoses)

Also see automotive performance brakes

Bolt Tools:

Bolt Buster:
Addison IL
Bolt Buster tool
Bolt Buster: bolt/nut heating tool for rusty nut removal. Ideal for exhaust systems and exposed front-end and suspension components. Uses magnetic induction so it only works on ferric metals. Heat bolts till they are red hot, then remove. See Bolt Buster video.

Tool Manufacturers and Suppliers:

Chassis Dynos:

  • DynoJet - chassis dynamometer. Measure horespower at the rear wheels.
Transmission jack
Jack Tech

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