Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Camaro Transparencies and Windscreens:

Weight savings can come by replacing the rear glass with a Lexan unit. Care must be taken so that a transparency is chosen which is thick enough and stiff enough to avoid buffeting at higher speeds. In southern states where summer heat is a problem, louvers can cover the largest exposed transparency to shade the interior.

Pro Glass Inc.
1612 Landmeierr Rd. Unit K
Elk Grove Village IL 60007

Lexan Third Gen Camaro rear hatch "glass". Weights: Lexan transparency and moldings: 26.3 lbs, Stock rear glass and molding: 58.4 lbs.

Installation notes: Primer was applied to the Lexan component and then "Windo-Weld" sealant was used to attach the Camaro edge trim pieces.

  • Primer: Betaseal 43555
    Essex Specialty Products Inc.
    1135 Broad St.
    Clifton NJ 07015

  • Sealant: 3M Windo-Weld Part #08609
    3M Automotive Trades Division
    St. Paul MN 55144-1000

GM rear window moldings:

  • Part #: 10141480 (RHS)
  • Part #: 10141481 (LHS)
  • Part #: S20198747 ESC (fwd center part)


Window Tint:

XSun window tint also available in various colors



Astra Louvers for the Third Generation Camaro: part#: 1101


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