Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Camaro Radiators and Cooling:

The theme here is big and thick is better for better heat transfer with the surrounding air. An aluminum radiator is better than the stock brass radiator due to the better heat conduction properties of aluminum.

Third Gen Camaros typically employ an open, single pass, cross flow radiator. Radiators can also vary in the number of tubes in the core, the density of cooling fins and by the number and type of accessories they support (transmission cooler, oil cooler, power steering cooler). Some radiators will also support threaded mounts for temperature sensors.

Single vs Double Pass: This refers to the number of times coolent passes through the radiator core to cool down before returning to the engine. Single pass radiators have two "tank" areas where the coolent flow starts in one tank, passes through the radiator once core to reach the final tank where the coolent proceeds to exit. A double pass radiator has one "tank" where the inlet and outlet are located in the same tank constructed with an internal baffle separating the flow in from the flow out. The coolent flows from the inlet tank area through one half of the core and then makes a second pass through a second half of the core before returning to the tank and exiting.

Open vs Closed: A closed system does not have a filler neck and cap on the radiator. This is typical when the radiator is not the highest point in the system. Closed systems typically have a surge tank with a cap.

Cross Flow vs Down Flow: In a down flow radiator, coolent travels from an upper tank, through the radiator core to a lower tank. In a cross flow tank, the flow is horizontal from one side to the other.

Ron Davis Racing Products
2905 West Buckeye Road
Phoenix Arizona 85009

Part #: 31193

This is the biggest radiator one can put between the frame rails of a third gen Camaro. Size: 31"x19"x3" (No built-in automatic transmission cooler)

CSF Cooling
Rialto CA

High capacity radiator for the gen V Camaro SS

Griffin Thermal Products
100 Hurricane Road
Piedmont SC 29673

Downflow radiator for the gen V 2010 Camaro.

C & R Performance
Mooresville NC 28117

Two pass, crossflow radiator for the gen 2 Camaro (70-81) with an LS series engine.
Two upper left ports are for power steering, lower left two are for oil. Right side has an extra port for a steam vent and temperature sensor.

Steam kit for LS series engine swaps

Coed Cae Lane, Pontyclun,
CF72 9HJ, UK
Phone: 01443 238464

Silicon radiator hoses with colors and graphics.

Part #: 63400

Moroso radiator hose clamps.

Note: Don't even think of using an electric fan as a replacement for your belt driven unit. (I tried two of the most powerful electric fans on the market today and they weren't even close to doing the job.) In my experience the electric fans can only augment, they cannot substitute. Vendors are selling complete fan, shroud and radiator systems which rely solely upon the electric fans but I have not tried these units.


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