Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Camaro Performance Exhaust Systems:

Performance exhaust headers, mufflers and exhaust pipes.

The flow of air and fuel which combust in the cylinder, provide the elements needed to generate power. It is essential that air and gas flow freely into the cylinder for combustion and it is equally important that the exhaust vacate the cylinder to allow a fresh air-fuel mixture to enter the cylinder. Too much exhaust back pressure backs up the system, reducing the ammount of fresh fuel air mixture which is able to enter the engine, and thus decreases the systems potential for generating power. A stock vehicle is trying to balance power generation with the silencing of noise and low cost manufacturing. Exhaust products shown here change the factory balance in favor of power.

Headers: Headers typically maintain a constant radius to maintain a smooth flow of exhaust and they typically maintain equal length tubes. This maintains an even exhaust pulse interval downstream in the collector and exhaust pipe. Unequal length headers could introduce two or more exhaust pulses to enter the exhaust pipe at the same time or too close together, resulting in additional and unessary back pressure. It has also been found on dyno tests that longer header pipe lengths contribute to better low end torque while shorter header pipe lengths favor higher horsepower at higher RPMs.

Mufflers: The primary purpose of the muffler is to decrease the noise of fuel air combustion in the cylinders. Performance free flowing muflers may give a vehicle a throaty and muscular sound but the real goal is lower back pressure. The choice of muffler is always a balance between the ability of the muffler to silence the exhaust vs maintaining free flow and low back pressure.

Hedman Hedders
9599 Jefferson Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
Headman Hedders
Exhaust headers improve exhaust flow and lower back pressure by ensuring that exhaust pulses from each cylinder do not reach the exhaust pipe at the same time.

Hot Air Kit: Heat riser header attachment.

2975 Dutton Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Third Gen Camaro full CAT-back system. Part #: 24502461.

This Flowmaster exhaust system collects from the dual catalytic converters and feeds the exhaust to a large single tube running along the transmission/driveshaft hump. This feeds to a single inlet on the muffler and escapes to through two pipes on the left hand side of the vehicle.

GM Performance
GM has a selection of performance mufflers.
Magnaflow Magnaflow glasspacks
Magnaflow has mufflers, glasspacks, exhaust tips, pipes and tubing.
SLP Engineering Inc.
Toms River NJ
SLP Camaro headers
Third Gen Camaro Small Block Headers: Part #: 30003. 1 3/4" dia
Installation kit. Part #: 30024


  • These headers make it very difficult to change the spark plugs. Use SLP tool #30102.
  • Protect sensor wires with fire sleeving SLP #30101
  • Also requires use of A/C modified bracket SLP # 30010J
Thermotech: Cool IT
Greenwich, OH

Reduce engine compartment heat with this exhaust insulating wrap.
X Connector Pipe
(for dual exhaust systems)

The exhaust configuration for the stock Camaro and for most aftermarket performance systems use a single large exhaust pipe running from the engine to the rear along the transmission hump to a muffler. If installing a dual exhaust system, you will see a performance gain if you employ an X-pipe connector near the engine headers. The X-pipe balances the high pressure pulses coming from the engine resulting in lower back pressure and thus a more free flowing exhaust.
Quick Time Performance

Midland Park, New Jersey

Electric exhaust cutout for exhaust back presure control.
Remus Titanium
Emeryville, California

Exhaust cutout for exhaust back presure and sound control.

Header Installation note: When using headers, they generate more heat and bring the heat closer to the speedometer cable than in a stock system. Thus it is required that a speedometer cable be used which does NOT use a plastic liner. The stock unit with a plastic liner will melt and lock up the inner cable. This in turn locks the driven plastic speedo gear in the transmission. This then strips both of the plastic speedo gears in the transmission. The transmission then must be broken open to repair the damage.

A.C.I. Engineering
6728 Lovers Lane
Portage, MI 49002
Manufacturer of custom made speedo cables.
For the Camaro I used an 84" all metal cable.


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