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Brembo "Firehawk" Performance Brake System for Third Gen Camaro:

The following photos are of a Brembo brakes installation for the Camaro. The Brembo brakes package was introduced by GM on the Pontiac Firebird "Firehawk" package. GM was interested in doing better in racing and thus released the Firebird with the "Firehawk" package through dealers with the Brembo brakes, Ronal model R-15 17" wheels, a ram air hood and other performance enhancements. This same brake package was also available through Brembo USA and could be installed on the Camaro due to commonality of design and parts.

Unlike the stock GM brakes they replace, the Brembo brakes system uses a fixed rather than floating caliper, and a floating rotor independent of the hub rather than a fixed rotor. This allows the rotor to expand and distort while it reaches high temperatures.

Brembo brakes are most famous for their dominance in Formula 1 racing and for being used in the exotic vehicle market on Ferraris and Porsches.

Brembo USA
1567 Sunland Lane
Costa Mesa CA 92626
Camaro Brembo front disk brake installationCamaro Brembo front disk brake components

Brembo Part #QuantityDescription
20.4862.121AL 38/44 Hi-Per CAL, NP (LHS)
20.4862.221AL 38/44 Hi-Per CAL, NP (RHS)
09.4700.541332mm x32mm Grooved Disc L, H/D
09.4700.641332mm x32mm Grooved Disc R, H/D
Firehawk hub2Firehawk disk bell
Firehawk MNT2Firehawk mounting bracket
X00.3771.00208mm Bushing - X2.030.26
X9.002.4720Washer 5mm
A1.08.34.10520Screw Long X00.3771.00
X9.002.50412mm stud F-40
-47/16 UNF Jetnuts
-47/16 AN Washers
06.2228.40210mm Banjo Bolt Indy Mono
06.2196.134Copper Gasket Inlet
06.2228.102Oil Bolt

The Brembo kit includes 13" disks, aluminum hubs and calipers. The Brembo brake kit requires the use of 17" wheels and the GM 1LE spindles. I used the "Firehawk (Ronal R-15) 17x9.5 inch rims with a 10mm offset (inwards). Recommended tires: P275/40ZR17

Disk to hub attachment: 6ft torque with blue or red loctite.

Note the difference in size between the stock GM Camaro rotor and the Bembro rotor:

GM 1LE Spindles:
  • GM part #: 18016737 (LHS)
  • GM part #: 18016738 (RHS)

Other parts:

  • GM bearing #: 457196 (inner)
    0636 F3 1 #S-6
    GR. 6.311
  • GM bearing #: 457049 (outer)
    0636 J2 1 #S-7
    GR. 6.313
  • GM seals #: 3965092 (qty 2)
    GR. 6.326 2 #290-257
  • GM wheel studs #: 9590476 (qty 5)

Left: GM '82 Camaro spindle, Right: GM 1LE Camaro spindle.
Note: They are very different.

Installation notes: In order to change spindles (if required - many late model Camaros came with the 1LE spindles) you must use a spring compressor to disassemble and assemble the A-arm assembly.

Spring compression tool

Spring compression tool compressing the front coil spring

The Italian Brembo Caliper sizing blueprint. (full size)


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