Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


1984 Camaro Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) codes:

Vehicle Indentification Number Example: 1G1AP87G1EN100001
Commonly refer to as the "Vin Number", this series of numbers and letters is stamped on a plate

 on the top of the instrument panel visible through the windshield.

First Digit: Indentifies the country in which the vehicle was built.
1 = U.S.A.

Second Digit: Identifies the Manufacturer.
G = General Motors

Third Digit: Identifies the automotive division.
1 = Chevorlet

Fourth Digit: Identifies the restraint system.
A = Manual Seat Belts

Fifth Digit: Identifies the series.
S = Camaro Berlinetta
P = Camaro Sport Coupe

Sixth Digit: Identifies the body type.
87 = 2 Door Coupe

Seventh Digit

Eighth Digit: Identifies the engine.
2 = 151 CID, 4-cyl., TBI (Chevy)
1 = 173 CID, V-6, 2 BC(Chevy)
H = 305 CID, V-8, 4 BC (Chevy)
G = 305 CID, V-8, 4BC (Chevy)

Ninth Digit: Identifies the check digit.

Tenth Digit: Identifies the model year.
E = 1984

Eleventh Digit: Identifies the assembly plant.
L = Van Nuys
N = Norwood

Last Six Digits: Represent the basic production numbers, 100001/up

Body Number Plate
The Body Number Plate Identification Label is located under the hood on the radiator cross

support. It includes the the model year, build date, style number, assembly plant, body number,

paint color, paint type, trim combination, and seat type.

Example: D09D1FP87N17B1111LAR9100001

E		Model Year		1984
09		Build Date			September
D		Build Date			4th week
1		Car Division		Chevrolet
FP		Series			Camaro Sport Coupe
87		Body Style		2-Dr. Sport Coupe
N		Assembly Plant		Norwood
100001		Body Number
17B		Interior Trim		Charcoal Cloth
59		Lower Body Color		Black
59		Upper Body Color		Black
W		Paint Type			Water
AR9		Seat Type			Reclining Bucket

Option Codes

AR9		Recliner Bucket

Paint Type & Coat
BC CC Base Coat/Clear Coat

Paint Code
U8555 Lower Body Color Black L8555 Upper Body Color Black

Trim Code
19C Interior Trim (Black Cloth)

Trim Number
The Trim Number indicates the interior trim color and material.

Color	        Cloth	Vinyl		Leather			Code		
Dark Charcoal		  X					17B,17C
Dark Charcoal		  X					17D,17E
Dark Charcoal				  X			17N,17R
Dark Royal Blue		  X					22B,22B
Dark Royal Blue		  X					22D,22E
Dark Royal Blue				  X			22N,22R
Light Sand Gray		  X					60B,60C
Light Sand Gray				  X			60N,60R
Medium Doeskin		  X					64B,64C
Medium Doeskin				  X			64R
Dark Brair Brown	X						67B,67C
Dark Brair Brown	X						67D,67C
Dark Brair Brown							67N,67R
B-Standard Cloth
C-Custom Cloth
D-Contour Custom Cloth
E-Contour Standard Cloth
N-Custom Vinyl
R-Standard Vinyl
* Custom 
# Deluxe

The Paint Code

The Paint Code indicates the exterior paint color. A two part paint code indicates the bottom
and top colors.  Vehicles using the letters L and U indicate which code represents the lower 
body and the upper body colors respectively.  Included on this label is a four digit number
 indicating the exterior body color.  This number has been noted along with the exterior GM code.

Color			        WA Number		             Code
White				3967			11
Black				848			19
Light Royal Blue 			8238			22
Medium Dark Royal Blue		7686			27
Cream Beige			8509			59
Light Brair Brown Met			8240			62
Dark Brair Brown Met			7688			67
Spectra Red			7211			75
Dark Goldwing Met			8652			65E
Dark Goldwing Met			8653			65W
Midnight Sand Gray Met		8322			82E
Midnight Sand Gray Met		7714			82W
Silver Sand Gray Met			8310			15E
Silver Sand Gray Met			8311			15W

Paint Types:
The Paint Type Code indicates what type of paint was used on the car.

L		Lacquer
E		Enamel
W		Water


The 4 speed

Transmission code is located on the machined surface on the left side of the
case just below the side cover and includes the type, year, month, day procduced 
and plant where assembled.

4 Model Year (1984) R Transmission Typ (Muncie,4-speed) R Month Built (October) 03 Day of Month Built(3rd day) Code CID YG 305 YP 305 Y8 305 4BC YH 173 YW 305 EFI PQ 151 YF 305 Y7 173

The Build Date Code

Starts with the Julian date (day of the year) on which 1982 production started. The build
date code continues with the Julian date until December 31 (365).  The sequence then 
continues until the end of the 1985 production.  EXAMPLE: April 20, 1982 would translate 
to a build date code of 475.
In addition to the transmission production code number, all passenger cars have a portion
of the vehicle identification number stamped on the transmission.  The condensed vehicle 
identification number consists of the division identification number, model year, assembly 
plant designation and vehicle build sequence number.
The Rear Axle Code
Is a two letter code stamped on the front passenger side of the axle tube or on an identification
tag attached to the carrier cover. It identifies that axle code ratio and if the axle is equipped with
the Safe-T-Track option.
Code		Ratio		Year		Locking
4PR		3.42		84		YES
6EB		3.73		84
6EC		3.73		84
6EP		3.42		84		YES
6EQ		3.23		84
6ER		3.23		84
6ES		3.08		84
6ET		3.08		84
6EU		3.08		84		YES
6EV		3.08		84
6EV		3.23		84
6EW		3.23		84
6EX		3.23		84
6HF		3.23		84
6HG		3.23		84
6HH		3.23		84
6HJ		3.08		84		YES
6HK		3.08		84		YES
6HL		3.23		84		YES	
6HM		3.23		84		YES
6HN		3.23		84		YES
6HO		3.42		84		YES
6HP		3.73		84		YES
6HR		3.73		84		YES
6HS		3.73		84		YES
6JH		3.23		84
6JJ		3.42		84
6JK		3.73		84
6JM		3.73		84
6JQ		3.73		84		YES
6JZ		3.23		84		YES
6KK		3.73		84
6KM		3.73		84
6PJ		3.42		84
6PK		3.73		84
6PM		3.73		84
6PQ		3.73		84		YES
6PZ		3.08		84		YES

Regular Production Options (RPO) Description Code Six-Way Power Seat AG9 Tinted Glass, All Windows AO1 Tinted Windsheild AO2 Door Locks AU3 Windows, Power A31 Power Trunk/Hatch Opener A90 Quiet Sound Group BS1 Black roof Drip Moulding BX5 Front Floor Carpet Mats B34 Rear Florr Carpet Mats B35 Deluxe Luggage Compartment Trim B48 Body Side Moulding B84 Black Door Edge Guards B91 Panels, Removable Glass Roof CC1 Windshield Wiper, Intermittent CD4 Rear Window Wiper and Washer C25 Electric Rear Window Defogger C49 Air Conditioning C60 Electric Control Air Conditioning C67 DSRV Mirror Electric Mirror, LH/RH DD9 Electric Twin Romote Sport Mirror DG7 Interior Roof Console DK6 Locking Rear Storage Cover D27 Visor Mirror, RH D34 Sport Mirrors LH Remote and RH Manual D35 Rear Compartment Cargo Cover D42 Spoiler, Deck Lid Rear D80 Sport Suspension F41 Limited Slip Differential G80 Axle, Performance Ratio G92 Brake System, Power, Front and Rear Disc J65 Heater, Engine Block K05 Speed Control W/Resume K34 Engine, 5.0L, V-8, 4BC LG4 Engine, 2.8L, V-6, 2BC LC1 Engine, 2.5L, L-4, EFI LQ9 Engine, 5.0L, V-8, 4BC, H.O L69 Transmission, 4-Speed Manual MM4 Transmission, 5-Speed Manual MM5 Transmission, Automatic w/overdrive MX0 Steering Wheel, Tilt Type N33 Wheel Trim Cover, Deluxe PO1 Tires, P205/70R-14 S/B Radial White Letter QHW Tires, P205/70R-14 S/B Radial Blackwall QHX Tires, P205/70R-14 S/B Radial W/S QHY Tires, P195/75R-14 S/B Radial B/W QMW Tires, P195/75R-14 S/B Radial W/S QMX Tires, P205/70R-14 S/B Radial White Stripe QVU Tires, P205/70R-14 S/B Radial Blackwall QYA Tires, P205/70R-14 S/B Radial White Letter QYC Tires, P215/65R-15 S/B Radial White Letter QYH Tires, P215/65R-15 S/B Radial Blackwall QYZ Lamp Group, Auxiliary Lighting TR9 Headlamps, Halogen Hi-Beam TT5 Lamps, RR End Lighting and Reflector T90 Heavy Duty Battery UA1 Dual Horn UO5 Special Instrumentation U21 Quartz Electric Clock U35 Radio, AM Push Button U63 Radio, AM/FM Push Button U69 Fixed Mast Antenna U73 Antenna, Power U75 Dual Rear Speakers U81 Electronic Tuned AM/FM Stereo w/Cassette UT4 Cooling System, Heavy Duty VO8 Am/Fm Stereo radio w/ERSS YE1 AM/Fm Stereo, Seek, and Scan Cassette, Clock YE2 Radio, Am/Fm stereo w/ST Cassette Tape Player and ER YE4 Electronic Tuned AM/FM Stereo Radio YF1 Emissions, California Requirement YF5 Rally Wheels ZJ7 Camaro Z28 Sport Coupe Z28 Olympic Special Apperance Package 1A3

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