Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Automotive Paints, Films and Coatings:

Metal body parts require a protective coating to prevent oxidation. A steel panel will corrode and rust till it is no longer there. The salted winter roads in the Midwestern states are proof. Some of the high quality carbon fiber panels are mounted without a coating to expose the high-tech look of the panel material. Most panels are painted to achieve a complete body image and look. Other coating options have risen from the labs such as laminate films and metalic deposition.


Wanda automotive paint
Wanda paint

Cosmichrome painted tanks
Cosmichrome: chrome paint finishes

Paint Equipment:

(spray guns, respirators, etc)
  • SATA: spray guns, blasting, air filters, respirators, etc

SATA automotive paint spray gun
SATA automotive paint spray gun

Automotive paint spray gun

  • Powder Coating: (metal parts)
  • Wax and Polish:

Printed Color and Clear Film Wrapping:

(paint protection film)

Mutoh printer
Mutoh printed film: Valuejet 1624 - 64" printer

Hood with printed film
Camaro hood with printed film

Paint Booths:

Mobile, portable, inflatable, paint booth
A mobile paint booth from Mobile Environmental Solutions. Pressurized, exhaust paint filters (white panels on the garrage doors).

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