Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Camaro Stereos & Electronic Systems:

The pure race vehicle will not be equipped with items found on this page as driver and passenger comforts and accessories will be viewed as useless extra weight. For those who spend most of their time on the road; stereos, speaker systems, radar detectors and a GPS will be considered as essential as a performance cam or nitrous to a racer.


Money and battery power are the only the real limits. These manufacturers are capable of building enough sound to power a private concert in your car.
Powered subwoofer for the Gen 5 Camaro

Satellite radio:


Silent Coat
Acoustic dampening: the purpose of applying this material to metal panels is so that they do not resonate and produce a poor quality sound of their own. When applied to exterior panels it will help reduce exterior road noise. A positive side effect is that it can also provide thermal insulation.

Kenwood "Stealth":

The "stealth" line of Kenwood stereos seeks to hide the stereo faceplate thus hiding the brand and model from thieves. It is also indistinguishable from a removable face-plate which when missing renders the stereo inoperable. The sole purpose is to make your stereo less tempting to thieves.

Closed and Stealthy
In transition
Open and operational


Ubiquitous and indispensable even when you think you know your big city.


While popular in the 70's with both truckers and motorists CBs are no longer very popular leaving the CB airwaves almost silent. It does save you from mobile roaming fees when traveling with a convoy of friends. It is more popular in the 4x4 community.

Police Radar and Laser detectors/jammers:

New features like red light camera alerts (based on an internal GPS), auto muting, X band muting and laser jammers give an advantage to the newer product lines of radar detectors. Essential on very rural interstate highways.

Escort 9500 ci: Police radar and laser detector with two laser jammers. Employs remote mounted, forward facing radar and laser detectors. Interior display unit is very small and unobtrusive.



Cellular Tech:



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