Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Camaro Ignition and Electrical System:


Camaro wiring harness
Painless Wiring: Gen 2 Camaro wiring harness.
Three harnesses available for each of the second generation Camaro styles:
  • 1970 - 1973
  • 1974 - 1977
  • 1978 - 1981

Ignition Systems:

ECU: Electonic Control Unit:

  • Hypertech - ECM speedo calibration, engine performance enhancement, fuel economy improvement, etc
  • Ezy-Flash - ECU re-flash

ODB-II Electronics:

Palmer Performance Engineering ODB-II products:
  • DashLogic for fifth gen Camaro. Customize gages and Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Dash Command: Data monitoring, logging and diagnostics with an iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android

Performance Alternators:


Driving and Head Lights:



  • Computech Racing: Data loggers, switch panels, exhaust gas temperature (EGT) monitors, suspension position, steering angle, Delay boxes (car brains to control transbrake solenoid, throttle stop, nitrous and shifting), racing software
  • RacePak Computer: Data acquisition and logger.
  • Genesis Batteries: Lead and Gel batteries.
  • VPA International: Oxygen sensors, speed and temperature sensors. Power locks and power windows. Lighting. Cruise control, Seat warmers.
  • Hoffman group: Autoloc: power trunks, antennas, locks, windows, exhaust flame thrower kits.
  • Electric Life: Colibri Power Windows, reverse hood kits, electric linear actuators, shaved door handle kits, ...
  • SPAL: Power locks, windows, fan controls, ...
  • Hotronics: Lighting and signal controls, door and window systems, ...
  • MAD Electrical: terminals, relays, fuse blocks, information and tech notes.

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