Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Camaro Ignition and Electrical System:

Performance ignition and electrical equipment for the third gen Chevy Camaro: The most obvious performance gains can be had from performance ignition systems which boost spark but most importantly don't degrade in performance at higher RPMs where standard coils can't keep up and begin to produce a shorter spark of less amperage and voltage.

Replacement chips for the Electronic Control Module (ECM) can produce modest gains by optimizing for horsepower rather than mileage.

There are also a plethora of aftermarket gauges, lights and accessories to suit one's taste.

Ignition Systems:

Camaro engine coil
Replacement distributor cap with enhanced Hypertech high performance ignition coil and Accel performance 8mm ignition wires with a graphite core and a red silicone jacket.
This coil is capable of a 57% voltage gain over stock (45kV to 55kV) and is good up to 7000 RPM.

Electonic Control Unit (ECU) and Programmable Engine Management Systems:

  • AEM Performance Electronics - Programmable Engine Management Systems, air/fuel controllers, water/methonol injection systems, launch control, guages, data loggers, etc. Third, Fourth and Fifth generations Chevy Camaros.
  • Haltech - LSx engine EFI fuel injection management systems.
  • Hypertech - ECM speedo calibration, engine performance enhancement, fuel economy improvement, etc
  • Ezy-Flash - ECU re-flash

Haltech EFI engine management systems
Haltech: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) engine management systems for the Chevy LSx series engines.


ODB-II Electronics:

Palmer Performance Engineering ODB-II products:
  • DashLogic for fifth gen Camaro. Customize gauges and Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Dash Command: Data monitoring, logging and diagnostics with an iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android

Performance Starters:

PowerMaster starters

Performance Alternators:

PowerMaster alternators
Powermaster alternators

MSD Dynaforce alternators
MSD Dynaforce alternators


Camaro wiring harness
Painless Wiring: Gen 2 Camaro wiring harness.
Three harnesses available for each of the second generation Camaro styles:
  • 1970 - 1973
  • 1974 - 1977
  • 1978 - 1981

Driving and Head Lights:


  • Odyssey
  • Optima Batteries
  • PowerAll: portable Battery jump starter
  • Anti-Gravity: Lithium-ion automotive battery - significantly lighter (70% lighter) and twice the power compared to traditional lead/acid automotive battery (and significantly more expensive).

light weight sutomotive batteries
Anti-Gravity batteries - the lightest automotive batteries available


  • Computech Racing: Data loggers, switch panels, exhaust gas temperature (EGT) monitors, suspension position, steering angle, Delay boxes (car brains to control transbrake solenoid, throttle stop, nitrous and shifting), racing software
  • Meziere: performance electrical water pumps, starters
  • RacePak Computer: Data acquisition and logger.
  • Genesis Batteries: Lead and Gel batteries.
  • VPA International: Oxygen sensors, speed and temperature sensors. Power locks and power windows. Lighting. Cruise control, Seat warmers.
  • Hoffman group: Autoloc: power trunks, antennas, locks, windows, exhaust flame thrower kits.
  • Electric Life: Colibri Power Windows, reverse hood kits, electric linear actuators, shaved door handle kits, ...
  • SPAL: Power locks, windows, fan controls, ...
  • Hotronics: Lighting and signal controls, door and window systems, ...
  • MAD Electrical: terminals, relays, fuse blocks, information and tech notes.

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