Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Camaro Performance Racing Clutches and Bellhousings:

The crucial link between your motor and manual transmission is the clutch. This mechanism typically is designed in two parts, the pressure plate and clutch plate. The pressure plate is bolted to the flywheel while the clutch plate fits over the splined shaft of the transmission. When the pressure plate is released it applies pressure to the clutch, pressing it against the flywheel. If the pressure applied is too weak, the clutch slips, especially in higher gears with a high torque motor. Performance applications require a clutch pressure plate with more pressure. Standard clutch materials can not handle the heat of engagement at high RPM. One will find an abundance of composite materials often including ceramic materials or multiple plates to accomodate the heat. Most of the equipment shown here has been engineered to accommodate high horsepower engines for use on the street, drag strip or track.


McLeod Clutches
Placentia CA, (714)630-2764

Cutaway of a McLeod twin disk clutch assembly. The twin disk clutch can take more heat (because it is distributed over two clutch plates) at launch and thus handle large horsepower engines.
ACE PowerForce Clutches
Sullivan MO, 1-573-468-4181

PowerForce single and triple disk clutches can handle street to 1500 horsepower motors. Patented lever assist technology adds clutch force without stiffer springs and pedal force. Clutch pressure plate increases with RPM.
SPEC Clutches
Bessemer AL, 1(205)491-8581

Assembly view of a "low inertia" multi-disc SPEC clutch. Drag racers use high inertia assemblies to take advantage of a high revving engine and flywheel with the pop of a clutch at the starting line. Road racers have to accelerate with an already engaged clutch. A low inertia assembly can be accelerated by the engine faster thus accelerating the car faster with the press of the accelerator. Low inertia assemblies are more responsive. SPEC's carbon technology allows the clutch plates to maintain friction properties at high temperatures. Full billet assembly.

Bell Housings:

Quick Time
Oskaloosa IA

Spun high grade steel (not rolled or stamped) and thus dimensionally stable (it will fit precisely). SFI tested and hardened to over 80,000 psi.

Clutch Linkage Assembly:

There are two clutch linkage configurations available for the third gen Camaro:

  1. 1982 Camaro mechanical "Z" linkage to the T10 4sp transmission or the 1983 Camaro with the T5 5sp

    This mount is a failed GM design and impresses a bending moment upon a mounting plate formed by bending. Of course it failed!!!

  2. Hydraulic clutch for the 1984-1991 T5 5sp or 1992 T56 6sp transmissions


Hydraulic Clutch Conversion:

Hawks Motorsports
Easley SC

The clutch fork and bellhousing are unique for the hydraulic clutch assembly. The upper fork is for use with the hydraulic clutch installation while the lower is for the mechanical "Z" assembly.

Clutch fork for the T5 hydraulic clutch installation with a V8 bellhousing (available from Hawks)

The bellhousing has a mount for the clutch slave cylider. The clutch master cylinder mounts to the firewall. Also note that the 6 cylinder bellhousing is much smaller than that for the V8.

V8 T5 bellhousing with a Richmond 6sp transmission

Hydraulic clutch master and slave cylinders with reservoir (available from Hawks)
Note that they also offer an improved Tilton unit for improved performance (clutch pedal won't stick to the floor).

Hydraulic clutch reservoir mounting plate (available from Hawks)

Warning: If the clutch slave cylinder is disconnected and free, it can be damaged permanently by depressing the clutch pedal (clutch master cylinder).

  • Clutches:
    • ACE PowerForce Clutches - single to triple disc performance clutches. Patented lever assist technology adds clutch force without stiffer springs.
    • ACT: Advanced Clutch Technology - Flywheels, clutches (with and without torsional dampening springs) and pressure plates for street and race.
      GM 10.5", 11", LS1/2/7. Camaro Gen I-IV
      Lancaster CA, 1-661-940-7555
    • CenterForce Clutches - steel and light billet aluminum clutches, flywheels (billet steel and aluminum). Diaphragm style. Uses centrifugal assisted clutch system of ring of weights to apply extra force as RPM's increase. Claims up to 30% (Centerforce I) and 60% (Centerforce II) more hold power. Dual friction clutch plates for high torque and horsepower engines.
      2266 Crosswind Drive, Prescott Arizona 86301 (520)771-8422
    • Mr Gasket: Hays
    • McLeod (division of B&M) - Clutches (diaphragm, Borg & Beck both regular and long style), flywheels, bellhousings, transmission spacers, throwout bearings and hydraulic throwout bearing kits.
      1600 Sierra Madre Circle, Placentia CA 92670, (714)630-2764
    • Ram Clutches
    • RPS Performance Clutches: multi-disk carbon 5th gen Camaro clutches
    • Tilton: Clutches, plates and flywheels.
    • SPEC Clutches: Carbon technology, billet pressure plates, multi-disc, flywheels, etc
  • Manual Transmission Bell Housings:
  • Other:

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