Third Generation Chevy Camaro 1982 - 1992: Street Performance and Race Mods


Buying a used car

Inspection, Financing, Auto Insurance and Delivery

Things to know and look for when you buy a used third-gen Camaro automobile.

Used Car Inspection Checklist:

The following checklist should supplement your overall inspection of any used automobile before purchase. Auto mechanics can also perform detailed inspections to let you know what is obviously wrong, what may be wrong and most importantly, how much will it cost to fix it.
  • Engine compression, oil leaks
  • Steering play
  • Brakes: brake pedal and parking brake
  • Electrical: lights, wipers, fans, power windows, power locks
  • Heater and air-conditioner
  • Transmission (test drive), slippage, shift, leaks
  • Tires: tread remaining, spare
  • Paint thickness - determine areas of covered bondo
  • Windshield - cracks, repaired cracks
  • Body: check gaps between doors and fenders, hood and fenders, trunk alignment
  • Frame/Unibody: Check for "crumples" and underbody areas of buckling which indicate the region was stressed beyond limits. This is a sign of a previous accident.
  • Car history reports:

Auto Inspection:

  • Test the engine compression:

    I personally do not use the variety with the rubber end which requires you to hold it tight against the spark plug hole. Use the type which threads into the spark plug hole. Use two to reduce the time it takes: four crank cycles vs eight.

  • Using a paint thickness gauge to find body filler:

    This levered spring loaded magnetic measuring device can accurately measure paint thickness. When the measurement is off the scale, it means you have found body filler. Even the best autobody shops can not fool this gauge.

How to locate a used Camaro:

Online links: If buying at auction, see tips for buying used cars at car auctions.

If transferring a lease see and

If buying a new car try CarWoo or to help you get a better deal.

I you are just trying to get rid of your vehicle you can consider a car donation to the Salvation Army or other charity.

Auto financing for a used car:

It's time to buy and perhaps an auto loan is needed. It's good to know the market value of the used car. Check Kelley Blue Book. Criteria used are model, year and mileage. Availability and financing rate of your load will depend on your personal credit score. Check this with Experian, Equifax or TransUnion: TrueCredit.

Credit Unions, banks and the auto dealership are the prime auto credit facilitators.

Auto Insurance:

Tips on Selecting Auto Insurance:

  • Know the minimum amount of liability coverage required for your state. Sometimes coverage for medical costs for you and your passengers is optional in some states. Know the extent of your responsibility and exposure to risk. Understand the "No Fault" policies of the state if your state is a "No Fault" state.
  • Compare prices from insurance companies and/or agents.
  • Read the insurance policy.
  • Customer service: Does the insurance company have local claims offices? This will help with disputes.
  • If you want custom parts covered, you have to reveal the full inventory of parts to the insurance company.
  • Risk exposure and the drivers who will be using the car factor into your choice on how much deductible to carry. A relationship may be saved by having a low deductible.
  • Anti theft devices will reduce your insurance. Steering wheel collars and alarms may pay for themselves.
  • Taking a job closer to home or moving closer to the job may reduce your rate.
  • Buying a newer vehicle with air bag restraints may reduce your insurance premium. Ask about the formula the insurance company is using so that you do not omit important details which can reduce your insurance premium.

Compare Auto Insurance:

Comparison of Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto Insurance Companies:

Vehicle Delivery:

The following services can deliver an automobile across the country without putting any miles on the odometer. Most will transport working and non-operating vehicles. Working steering and brakes required.


  • Disable the car alarm
  • Remove all personal effects and valuables
  • If choosing the "door-to-door" option, make sure that the pick-up and destination points are accessible by a large transport
  • Note that typical insurance is for Kelly blue book value. Take photos of your vehicle before it is shipped.
  • Remove toll tags so that you are not charged bridge and highway tolls
  • Double check insurance coverage, yours and carrier
  • Fold mirrors and retract antenna
  • Keep gas tank at a minimum level to reduce weight


  • Open car shipping: This is typically cheaper, more popular and more available thus affording flexibility in shipping dates. The vehicle will be exposed to the elements.
  • Enclosed shipping: This method of shipping is usually restricted to exotic, classic or antique, luxury, or otherwise high-end automobiles where the additional costs may be justified.
List of vehicle transportation operators: Directory listing of carriers:

Vehicle Storage:

Public self storage and garages: (typically 10 ft x 20 ft for a Camaro) Directory listing and price comparisons: - find a self storage vendor in US.

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